Graphic design for NGOs in Mongolia

I have supported various design work for medical missionary organizations (NGOs) and hospitals in Mongolia. I have been working remotely in Korea and Finland as a freelance designer. I have designed posters, brochures, banners, and other promotional materials for various events such as music concerts and fundraising events. According to their needs, I have worked including designing logos for foundations, designing a book cover, and designing a bus for medical mobile hospital.

Design for Concert, Dream Mongolia

Dream Mongolia Concert 

Design poster, invitation card, banner, marketing images

 When: Nov, 2017

 Where: Seoul, Korea

 Organizer: Agape Christian Hospital in Mongolia (

Logo Design

Life Giving Foundation

Design logo for organisation

 When: Apr, 2019

 Where: Mongolia

 Organizer: Agape Christian Hospital in Mongolia

Designs for Book cover 

Book of Doctor, Ahn Soo-hyun 

Design for the book cover 

 When: May, 2020

 Where: Mongolia

 The best-selling book in Korea, Doctor Ahn Soo-hyun, has been published in Mongolian. 

Designs for Bus 

Mobile hospital bus in Mongolia

Design for wrapping the bus

 When: April, 2020

 Where: Mongolia

 Organizer: Agape Christian Hospital in Mongolia