Graphic design for NGOs in Haiti

I have been doing various graphic design work to support an NGO called DFI* in Haiti. For example, I designed business cards, brochures, banners, and more as branding work for DFI. I also worked on designs for international fairs and expos in which DFI participated. I have done logos and various design materials for various projects of DFI. I have visited Haiti three times from 2011 to 2013 and have been in charge of the cultural ministry (Art and Design, education and workshops), and since then I have been supporting graphic design remotely in Korea and Finland.

*DFI: Development for Freedom International (DFI) is an international Christian faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the most underprivileged women and children regardless of their religion and ethnicity. (

Design for NGO, DFI in Haiti

DFI (Development For Freedom International) in Haiti 

Design brochure, banner, business card, letter head 

 When: Oct, 2018

 Where: Haiti

 Organizer: DFI NGO (

Design for the event in Haiti

Christian Expo in Haiti 

Design logo, letter head, sticker 

 When: Aug, 2018

 Where: Haiti

 Organizer: DFI NGO

Design for Ministry

Amelia Women Center in Haiti 

Design logo, label tag, product idea (English & French)

 When: Oct, 2020 

 Where: Haiti

 Organizer: Women ministry in DFI NGO