Graphic design for supporting NGOs

As a freelancer graphic designer, I have been constantly working on volunteer design for NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisation) in Mongolia and Haiti. In the case of Haiti, I have been in charge of design education and children's art by visiting several times. Since now living in Finland, I have been working with various design remotely according to their needs.

Design for Concert, Dream Mongolia

Dream Mongolia Concert 

Design poster, invitation card, banner, marketing images

 When: Nov, 2017

 Where: Seoul, Korea

 Organizer: Agape Christian Hospital in Mongolia (

Design for NGO, DFI in Haiti

DFI (Development For Freedom International) in Haiti 

Design brochure, banner, business card, letter head 

 When: Oct, 2018

 Where: Haiti

 Organizer: DFI NGO (

Design for the event in Haiti

Christian Expo in Haiti 

Design logo, letter head, sticker 

 When: Aug, 2018

 Where: Haiti

 Organizer: DFI NGO

Design for Ministry

Amelia Women Center in Haiti 

Design logo, label tag, product idea (English & French)

 When: Oct, 2020 

 Where: Haiti

 Organizer: New ministry in DFI NGO

Logo Design

Life Giving Foundation

Design logo for organisation

 When: Apr, 2019

 Where: Mongolia

 Organizer: Agape Christian Hospital in Mongolia

Designs for Book cover 

Book of Doctor, Ahn Soo-hyun 

Design for the book cover 

 When: May, 2020

 Where: Mongolia

 The best-selling book in Korea, Doctor Ahn Soo-hyun, has been published in Mongolian. 

Designs for Bus 

Mobile hospital bus in Mongolia

Design for wrapping the bus

 When: April, 2020

 Where: Mongolia

 Organizer: Agape Christian Hospital in Mongolia


Graphic design for Branding

When I worked at a company in Korea, we had clients who started as a cafe entrepreneur. I did branding and designed all the design materials needed for the cafe business, for instance, logo, business card, menu. I created the colour concept and was involved in interior design including furniture and lighting. In addition, I have designed a variety of business cards to suit individual customer needs.

Design for cafe business

Cafe 'My table' in Korea

Design logo, business card, menu book, interior design etc

for private cafe entrepreneur

 When: Feb, 2012

 Where: Busan, Korea

 Organizer: EL Design Group 

Design business cards 

Design for private clients 

Designed with various themes according to customer needs.

 When: 2011 - 2013 

 Where: Korea 

 Organizer: EL Design Group 

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