Projects on sustainability

These are various projects that I have experienced while studying my Masters in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University. I had various opportunities to work from collaboration with Finnish public institutions to drawing creative ideas, and all projects were carried out as group work. All ideas were jointly derived from within the team and I've been especially working on graphic design and visualization within the team. The experience of group work with team members from diverse backgrounds and expertise was a very valuable and beneficial experience.

Circular economy in Otaniemi 


As the amount of paper cups which go to waste in Otaniemi campus (Aalto University) is quite high, a sharing platform for ceramic cups is proposed to establish circular economy principles in the campus. With this proposal, it is aimed that the need for paper cup disposal can be terminated permanently by addressing directly to the mental model of all actors about the “obligation” to use paper cups. The system proposal includes a returning method for used cups, collection method for returned cups and their delivery to the cafeterias to be washed and an online system for communication between cafeterias about the current situation of cups.

  • Course: Systems Thinking for Sustainable Living Environments Circular Economy

  • Project: “Don’t Drink A Tree!” 2017

  • When: Feb 2017

  • Group: Anna Kokki, Hai Anh Tran, Lee Jun Young, Oya Duman

Tap water project with HSY


Laine is a project with the specific purpose of motivating people to use reusable bottles instead of plastic bottles. As a water station, it provides a convenient way for people to get high-quality water for free at large events. Laine water stations are paired up with a communications strategy, which aims to raise awareness, to educate users, and to engage them by showing the concrete impact they are making when choosing Laine.

  • Course: Creative Sustainability Capstone 2017

  • Project: HSY Tap water

  • When: Jan - Apr 2017

  • Group: Robert Nuorteva, Anna Pakkala, Judith Maier, Junyoung Lee, Anna Kokki

Self-sufficient food system

Hydroponics and the service 

The hydroponics means 'growing plants without soil'. A plant only needs water, nutrients and sun for photosynthesis to grow. Some benefits of this method of farming include less water usage (about 10% of water required to grow food on land), more efficient use of land and no weeds! This idea is to propose self sufficient food system in Helsinki. Also we suggest food preservation service to reduce food waste as a local community. 

  • Course: Sustainable product and service design

  • Project: New food systems in Helsinki

  • When: Nov 2016

  • Group: Jasqueline German, Junyoung Lee, Simone Gaglione, Hanna Kim 

Sustainability in waste of clothes

Library of clothes

This idea of library systems for used clothes provide a new service to reduce clothes waste. The customers can rent clothes but also donate to the library of clothes. The membership systems work for managing the quality of clothes. A new designed clothes will be available by upcycling. 

  • Course: Sustainable product and service design

  • Project: Sustainability in waste of clothes

  • When: Nov 2016

  • Group: Jasqueline German, Junyoung Lee, Simone Gaglione, Hanna Kim 

Alternative signage system in Suomenlinna

Alternative signage system in Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna is a wondrous island. Finding an effective way to communicate and guide visitors is key for the sustainability of the island. During the workshop, we utilized the creative minds gathered in the room to brainstorm and prototype alternative way to gently inform and direct visitors. 

  • Course: Creative teamwork

  • Project: Workshop in Suomenlinna

  • When: Sep 2016

  • Group:  Alina Boris, Junyoung Lee, Apichaya Sindhuprama, Dinh Thuy Do Vy, Helén Marton

Vegan meal kits


Olen VEGI meal kit helps to educate people on how to make tasty, healthy, quick and easy vegetarian meals by bringing together smarter and more sustainable food choices.  Economically it is a new revenue stream for the partners and the brand. 

  • Course: How to change the world

  • Project: Innovating toward sustainability

  • When: Jan - Feb 2017

  • Group: Janina Granholm, Junyoung Lee, Anna Pakkala, Dinh Thuy Do Vy